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article de fete anniversaire pas cher is an online store based in France and Belgium which provides high quality party supplies, decorations and disguises at cheap wholesale prices. You will also find ideas and decorating tips for free to organize your birthdays and parties for unforgettable moments. We invite you to take a look at our online store. Click on the link below:

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Buy Online – Why Are Our Prices The Cheapest?

Since there are not too many middlemen, our prices are the cheapest. Besides, this price difference between physical stores and our online store has other reasons:…

Fixed charges

The so-called fixed costs of a company are the costs it pays whatever its turnover for the month or the year, such as rent, wages, a telephone subscription, water, electricity, etc. .

We, like a number of web players, have the advantage of only needing staff who are directly connected to the clientele. We do not pay an exorbitant amount of rent. Our online store is cheaper than a physical store. Our walking site remains much cheaper than a rental fee. Our storage location is a warehouse that costs a lot less than a store in Paris or Brussels. This saving allows us to lower fixed charges more easily and therefore allow you to benefit from a better online sales price.

Sales volume and margins

Online sales of holiday supplies are estimated at more than 380 million euros per year. You can imagine what this represents in number of articles !!!!

This allows with the various sellers on the web to lower their margin and catch up on sales volumes. We don’t make a lot of money (sometimes not at all) on each item but we do sell a lot.

Suppliers and this volume

Another advantage of having a large sales volume is being able to negotiate better with suppliers.

When you go to a manufacturer or a wholesaler or such an order volume, the latter offers you the most attractive prices, which you can obviously pass on to your customers.

Cheap Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas – Kids and Adults

At, we have party themes that kids love. Little girls love our unicorn and mermaid party supplies, and boys go crazy for dinosaurs and Despicable Me Incredibles, ugly and nasty.

Make your child’s party as unique

We help you make your child’s birthday party unique. We recommend that you mix and match solid colors and patterns, such as stripes and dots, with party favors from your favorite theme. For example, red, blue and yellow polka dots look great with our Superhero Party theme, which looks like an old-fashioned pop-art comic. Or combine aqua and gray stripes with our Spa Party theme for a zen look.

Personalized party supplies

Put the perfect personalized finishing touch to your celebration with personalized party items. Create a banner with a special message and photo of the birthday boy or girl, or personalize one of our other party supplies, such as placemats, stickers and cupcake toppers.

Balloon, tablecloth, plate, napkin, goblet, dishes…

We also make all the decorations you need to make your party space festive, such as birthday balloons in a variety of colors, banners, cardboard stands, centerpieces and photo booth accessories. Prepare your table with matching tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and dishes and prepare a candy buffet with all of your child’s favorite treats. We recommend filling the apothecary’s glass jars with gum balls, sixlets and other candies; they will be the perfect addition to a table full of cupcakes (in themed cupcake wrappers, of course!).
Fun for the whole family!

We don’t just settle for children. We also offer birthday party supplies and novelty themes for adult celebrations, as well as party supplies for other occasions like Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween and even the Hawaiian luaus. We even have costumes for when you want to kick off a theme party!

No matter what type of party you organize, from a birthday party to a Halloween lair, is your one stop shop for all the party supplies and decorations you need.